The quotable Brian Schweitzer

The website Roll Call published an entertaining interview with former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer today that’s making the rounds online. Judging by my past experience with Schweitzer on the handful of times I spoke with him, reporter Kyle Trygstad quoted the governor accurately. The whole interview is worth a read, but I thought I’d exerpt… Continue reading The quotable Brian Schweitzer

Do newspaper endorsements matter?

On Sunday and again in today’s paper, the Chronicle published on its opinions page the paper’s political endorsements for this election year. The [first set of endorsements]( covered statewide races, such as the U.S. House of Representatives, Attorney General and Public Service commission. The [second set]( dealt with House and Senate races for the state… Continue reading Do newspaper endorsements matter?

Montana Secretary of State launches site to streamline election law violation reports

Update: Terri McCoy called over the weekend to clarify one issue about the complaints received from the 2010 reporting program. I wrote that 45 submissions lacked enough info for the secretary of state’s office to follow up on. McCoy wanted it to be known that the office did follow up on all of those complaints… Continue reading Montana Secretary of State launches site to streamline election law violation reports

Get your own hashtag!

Well, since everybody at the Montana Legislature discovered Twitter a couple weeks ago (even Republicans), the #mtleg hashtag has become rife with partisan tweets. So, reporter Emilie Ritter started a new press core-focused hashtag: #mtlegnews. [blackbirdpie url=”″] That tweet came through on Wednesday. Since then, the hashtag has seen slow adoption while its parent, #mtleg,… Continue reading Get your own hashtag!

Montana Republicans discover Twitter

My wife, who has been following news about this year’s legislative session with gusto, pointed out the above-pictured Facebook posting to me this afternoon: Republicans take note! This article illustrates something many of us were unprepared for: the press use Twitter as a guide to what they should write about the legislature. We need to… Continue reading Montana Republicans discover Twitter