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The quotable Brian Schweitzer

Brian Schweitzer

The website Roll Call published an entertaining interview with former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer today that’s making the rounds online.

Judging by my past experience with Schweitzer on the handful of times I spoke with him, reporter Kyle Trygstad quoted the governor accurately.

The whole interview is worth a read, but I thought I’d exerpt the portion of it that I got the biggest kick out of. Trygstad is trying to get the cagey Schweitzer to say whether he’s going to run for Senate.

Trygstad: So it wouldn’t be accurate to report you’re close to jumping in the race?

Schweitzer: No, that wouldn’t be accurate. But that shouldn’t stop you. You know, it’s yellow journalism. Say whatever you want.

Trygstad: Well, I won’t do that. I want to write what’s actually happening.

Schweitzer: You’re not going to make it in this business, my friend. You gotta get with the program.