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Parody Twitter accounts surface in Rehberg-Tester senate race

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I can already tell that the coming election season is going to be a fun one. After all, in addition to the normal slate of scandals and issues, candidates on both sides of the aisle will be dealing with the fallout of the debt ceiling crisis — which threatens to, in my uneducated opinion, throw the entire election for a loop.


The reason for this post, though, is something I noticed thanks to a random reply on Twitter the other day. It would appear that the mudslingers and satirists in the race for one of Montana’s senate seats are already hard at work creating parody Twitter accounts with which to speak their political minds.

That’s right. Head on over to Twitter right now and check out @JonTestercles and @denny_Teaberg. Both are about equally crude in terms of their parodies, though I’d give the edge to the Rehberg satirist. Both have been tweeting up a storm lately, replying to Montana journalists such as Marnee Banks, Mike Dennison, John S. Adams and our own Ted Sullivan.

A few good tweets so far:

Check them out. I’m sure there will be more parody accounts as the election season wears on, but these are the first I’ve spotted. If you’re hip to any more, make sure to post links in the comments.