Get your own hashtag!

Well, since everybody at the Montana Legislature discovered Twitter a couple weeks ago (even Republicans), the #mtleg hashtag has become rife with partisan tweets. So, reporter Emilie Ritter started a new press core-focused hashtag: #mtlegnews.

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That tweet came through on Wednesday. Since then, the hashtag has seen slow adoption while its parent, #mtleg, chugs on as normal. Today, some of the #mtleg posters have begun to notice the press corps’ departure — and mock them for it.

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And then this:

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It tickles me that the last time the legislature met, Twitter really had no impact on it at all. How much things can change in just a couple years!

3 Replies to “Get your own hashtag!”

  1. I don’t understand the “departure” part… Twitter still posts #MTLegNews tweets to the #MTLeg hashtag, just not the other way around. You could create new hashtags for the budget (#MTLegHB2) or the Tea Party (#MTLegTEA) and you’d still see those pop up in the #MTLeg list because they’re just subfilters.

    1. And, now that I consider it more, that’s wrong, Jamee. If you’re performing a hashtag search, tweets from #mtlegnews do not appear in the #mtleg results. They are two separate hashtags.

      What you’re suggesting would work in a full-text search of Twitter, though.

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