Meet the new Facebook

Everyone on the Internet is talking about it today, so why shouldn’t I? Facebook changed the way the site’s news feeds work today. Now, rather than seeing things in chronological order or order of algorithm-perceived importance, you see a smattering of the news that the site’s algorithm thinks will be important to you mixed in… Continue reading Meet the new Facebook

Belgrade Schools using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with parents

The Belgrade School District has embraced Facebook and Twitter, creating presences on the social networking sites to help parents communicate directly with the schools, the Belgrade News reports. The new social media pages come after the school district reworked its websites over the summer, the article says. School district IT technician Scott Bonander, who monitors… Continue reading Belgrade Schools using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with parents

Showing some digital initative

Our company, like all newspaper companies, is playing a game of catch-up with the Web, and for the past two years or so, we have been limping along with a corporate initiative called Digital Now, an effort to boost our lagging efforts on the digital front. The limping appears to be a thing of the… Continue reading Showing some digital initative

Presidential tweets

The New York Times was paying attention to Pres. Barack Obama’s Twitter account over the weekend, it seems, and noticed that the president himself posted an update.!/BarackObama/status/82505176849711104 According to the Times, from now on, any tweet sent from his account that has “-BO” appended is from the man himself, while the rest come from… Continue reading Presidential tweets

City creates hashtag for Bozeman flooding on Twitter

The city of Bozeman has joined Twitter. Well, that’s not exactly news. The city’s account, @CityofBozeman, was created on April 26 — ages ago in Web terms. But today, the city made its first tweet, consummating its relationship with the microblogging site:!/CityofBozeman/status/78195337545781250 Conveniently, the city also used its first tweet to create a hashtage… Continue reading City creates hashtag for Bozeman flooding on Twitter

Get your own hashtag!

Well, since everybody at the Montana Legislature discovered Twitter a couple weeks ago (even Republicans), the #mtleg hashtag has become rife with partisan tweets. So, reporter Emilie Ritter started a new press core-focused hashtag: #mtlegnews. [blackbirdpie url=”″] That tweet came through on Wednesday. Since then, the hashtag has seen slow adoption while its parent, #mtleg,… Continue reading Get your own hashtag!