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Washington congressman fires aides over unsavory tweets

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A Washington congressman fired three young aides today after learning about tweets they had sent referencing their on-the-job drinking, the time they wasted at work and their “idiot boss,” the Seattle Times reports.

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen learned of the tweets at noon eastern time, his spokesman said, and fired the three aides about an hour later. The offending tweets had been streaming out since about August, the newspaper reported.

The Times says the democrat was tipped off by a report published in the NW Daily Marker this morning. That report begins thus:

For young men and women with ambitions toward a career in politics, working in a Congressional office can be a heady, almost dreamlike experience. Left unsupervised, the combination of youth indiscretion and close proximity to the nation’s levers of power produces results that can be ugly, messy and embarrassing for senior staff and even the representatives voters send to the Capitol to do the people’s work.

It’s well worth a read.

The tweets came from staffers Seth Burroughs (@therocketship1), Elizabeth Robbee (@betsysbites) and Ben Byers (@byers_remorse). I just tried to access all three user accounts, but Twitter seemingly cannot find those users.

No matter, you can read a goodly selection of the three aides’ tweets at the NW Daily Marker story.