Fierce backlash over John Walsh plagiarism

U.S. Sen. John Walsh speaks during a roundtable discussion with students and education officials about the Federal Student Loan Refinancing Bill on Thursday, April 17, at Montana State University. (Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Chronicle)

Montana Sen. John Walsh has been in trouble this week after the New York Times demonstrated that he had plagiarized large portions of the final paper he wrote in the U.S. Army’s War College back in 2007. Campaign trackers are saying this is a devastating, if not fatal, blow to his bid for election to… Continue reading Fierce backlash over John Walsh plagiarism

Debating when to publish public documents

Chronicle crime reporter Whitney Bermes got into a discussion this morning with Missoulian crime reporter Kathryn Haake over documents with stories online. Particularly, Bermes was surprised that the Missoulian published the ticket along with the affidavit in the case of a 46-year-old Butte man accused of driving drunk the wrong way for 20 miles on… Continue reading Debating when to publish public documents

Missoula robberies spark #UMlockdown hashtag

If you were following the state news at all yesterday on Twitter, then you probably already know about the hashtag #UMlockdown which manifested around the tense situation in Missoula on Thursday morning. A couple of businesses were robbed by an armed man who was then on the loose in the campus area. UM went into… Continue reading Missoula robberies spark #UMlockdown hashtag

Study: Montana has longest average @-reply tweets

A recent study shows that, on average, @-reply tweets are getting shorter because people are using fewer and shorter words — especially jargon and coined words. Authors Christian M. Alis and May T. Lim, also broke out the length of tweets geographically across the U.S. and found that states with a higher percentage of African… Continue reading Study: Montana has longest average @-reply tweets

Twitter introduces custom timelines

I learned about Twitter’s new custom timelines feature when I logged in to Tweetdeck this morning. I have to admit, like this user, I immediately thought of Storify. Twitter introduce custom timelines: The begining of a serious threat to @Storify link via @jamesbush #mchi — Documentally (@Documentally) November 12, 2013 After all, custom timelines… Continue reading Twitter introduces custom timelines

Roundup for July 11

The Kremlin has ordered nearly $15,000 worth of typewriters to type top secret documents because they don’t trust the security of computers. Just who gets protected by schools’ cyberbullying policies? A case can be made that they protect the administration and stifle students’ free speech. The Wall Street Journal thought a clearly marked parody Twitter… Continue reading Roundup for July 11

Most tweeted moment in Montana history?

Today, former UM quarterback Jordan Johnson was acquitted of rape. The trial was followed in detail by a number of live-tweeting accounts, including the Montana Kaimin, the Missoulian and numerous TV stations. The details of the trials ins and outs became regular reading for Montana Twitter users. Here are the last few minutes of the… Continue reading Most tweeted moment in Montana history?

Twitter reinstates journalist banned for NBC Olympics criticism

The two-day saga of the journalist suspended from Twitter because he posted the corporate email address of an NBC executive is over. [Twitter reinstated Guy Adams’ account today]( Twitter emails to tell me: “we have just received an update from the complainant retracting their original request…” — Guy Adams (@guyadams) July 31, 2012 [On the… Continue reading Twitter reinstates journalist banned for NBC Olympics criticism