Montana ready for zombies, fiscally

A fun post found its way to Gov. Steve Bullock’s page on Facebook today. In the post, the governor said that Montana is prepared for “flood, fires, zombies and the current federal government shutdown.” Cue the flashbacks to a certain emergency broadcast message that went out in Great Falls a few months back. Aside from… Continue reading Montana ready for zombies, fiscally

Public relations

Our local police department doesn’t seem too happy with they way they’re portrayed in the Chronicle police reports. This is nothing new. Ever since social media sites like Facebook got popular, the department has taken a few potshots at the police reports. It happened again last night on the BPD’s Facebook page. The department’s annual… Continue reading Public relations

A chat with the star of Bozeman’s thunderstorm-tubing video

Saturday evening’s thunderstorm brought sheets of lashing rain to most of Bozeman, downing small branches, partially flooding city streets and making fools of those of us who left car windows open even a tiny crack. It also brought out the chroniclers among us. Many, many people took to the social networks during and after the… Continue reading A chat with the star of Bozeman’s thunderstorm-tubing video

Bashing Kyle Sample

In this morning’s Game Day section, the Chronicle’s new sports writer, Kyle Sample, went and did some unpopular things. Not only did Sample pick the Grizzlies to win today’s ’Cat-Griz matchup but he also identified himself as a Griz fan. Given the always-heated nature of the ’Cat-Griz rivalry, these two things were sure to rankle… Continue reading Bashing Kyle Sample

Facebook buying Instagram

In what will undoubtedly be the biggest social media story of the day, Facebook announced that it is buying the popular photo-sharing service Instagram for $1 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the news on his Facebook timeline, of course. In the post, Zuckerberg writes that Facebook needs to be “mindful about keeping and building… Continue reading Facebook buying Instagram

ICYMI: Montana State has strong social media kung-fu

Reporter Gail Schontzler filed this story a few days ago, after MSU’s assistant director of Web communications, Jake Dolan, made a presentation to the University Council on all the ways the university is using social networks to keep up with students and to keep in touch with potential students.

Belgrade Schools using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with parents

The Belgrade School District has embraced Facebook and Twitter, creating presences on the social networking sites to help parents communicate directly with the schools, the Belgrade News reports. The new social media pages come after the school district reworked its websites over the summer, the article says. School district IT technician Scott Bonander, who monitors… Continue reading Belgrade Schools using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with parents