ICYMI: Montana State has strong social media kung-fu

Reporter Gail Schontzler filed this story a few days ago, after MSU’s assistant director of Web communications, Jake Dolan, made a presentation to the University Council on all the ways the university is using social networks to keep up with students and to keep in touch with potential students.

My favorite part of Gail’s story:

Dolan asked how many of the assembled deans, MSU employee representatives and administrators use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites. President Waded Cruzado laughed and said, “Notice, I didn’t raise my hand once!”

Read the whole story at the link above to get a snapshot of some of the university’s social networking numbers. They are impressive, and in my opinion, it’s good to see MSU taking advantage of new mediums.

* Disclaimer: I graduated from MSU and have worked there in many capacities over the years.

2 Replies to “ICYMI: Montana State has strong social media kung-fu”

  1. Social media connections, like facebook, used by employees expose the campus to real security risks.  If you are using these applications as part of your job duties, please endeavor to keep all your devices patched with the latest security updates.  If use of these applications is not part of your official job duties, than do it at home.  The computer on your desk is not yours, it belongs to the taxpayers and mostly the students who pay the bills for all of us.  You should have no expectation of privacy concerning work computers.  Security yes, privacy no.

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