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Montana ready for zombies, fiscally

Zombie GovA fun post found its way to Gov. Steve Bullock’s page on Facebook today. In the post, the governor said that Montana is prepared for “flood, fires, zombies and the current federal government shutdown.”

Cue the flashbacks to a certain emergency broadcast message that went out in Great Falls a few months back.

Aside from tapping in to one of society’s favorite narrative tropes and one of the Internet’s favorite memes, Bullock’s office said the humor is a good way to help get the governor’s message across on social media.

“Because of our responsible fiscal management, Montana is ready for emergencies,” said Mike Wessler, deputy communications director for Bullock. “That’s really the message we’re trying to get across.”

Wessler said Bullock’s office employs a social media manager who put together the post but noted that the governor himself is “engaged” in his social media presence. That presence has only become more important as more and more Montanans get their news from social sources, Wessler said.

“The governor want to be able to reach people no matter where they get their news,” he said.