Back and forth over accuracy of KBZK report

Two statements reported in a television news story about the investigation into Belgrade High School principal Paul Lamb have raised the hackles of journalists across the Gallatin Valley. A report on KBZK on the evening of Oct. 6 by reporter Brooke Boone told readers that police in Belgrade have completed their investigation into allegation of… Continue reading Back and forth over accuracy of KBZK report

Vaccines and junk journalism

Good grief. KBZK posted a story yesterday with the following headline: “Experts: childhood vaccines deemed safe.” Was this really news on July 1, 2014? Did we not know this one, simple thing before? Granted, there are anti-vaccination people out there who rely on junk science and exaggerated anecdotes to form their opinions about the safety of vaccines.… Continue reading Vaccines and junk journalism

A missed reporting opportunity

It must be sweeps week or close to it because the news stations in town are kicking it into high gear with special assignments and more reporting than normal.* My favorites: Who ends up paying for the county’s search and rescue operations? The answer, unsurprisingly: county taxpayers.) A local church speaks out about a handwritten… Continue reading A missed reporting opportunity

West Yellowstone police being investigated

Snow covers the West Yellowstone police station in this January 2011 file photo. (West Yellowstone News photo)

Our friends at KBZK are reporting tonight that the West Yellowstone Police Department and its veteran chief, Gordon Berger, are the subject of a investigation by the state’s Department of Criminal Investigations. We don’t have the story, but rest assured we will tomorrow. In the meantime, the quote from a West Yellowstone town councilman says… Continue reading West Yellowstone police being investigated