On being late on the Yellowstone quake story

The Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park (Ben Pierce/Chronicle)

This tweet met me when I opened up the Twitter this morning: Today's sign of the newspaper apocalypse: YNP's 4.8 earthquake occurred 24 hrs ago, and still no word from the @bozchron — The Bozeman Magpie (@bozemanmagpie) March 31, 2014 It seems there was an earthquake in Yellowstone over the weekend, the biggest in three… Continue reading On being late on the Yellowstone quake story

Award winning

At the Montana Newspaper Association banquet this weekend in Missoula, the judges saw fit to name this site Best Blog of 2012. I’m honored to have won the award and thrilled to have beaten out Billings Gazette blogs, which finished second and third in the category. I like to jab the Gazette when I can… Continue reading Award winning


“I didn’t realize there are ‘coverage areas’ for news… Too bad huh?” These words came to me in [a comment posted to our Facebook page](https://www.facebook.com/dailychronicle/posts/10151183204615874?comment_id=24581150&offset=0&total_comments=8) in a thread complaining about our lack of coverage of a house explosion in Harrison that badly burned a 34-year-old woman. It began with [this comment](https://www.facebook.com/dailychronicle/posts/10151183204615874): >It’s so sad that… Continue reading Mythbusting

Meet the new blue

I’ve been a bit busy the past week or so, what with the new duties of city editor kicking in for me here at the paper, so posting on here has been sporadic. I hope to get my schedule tamed and resume regular posting soon, starting with this gem: If you are a regular visitor… Continue reading Meet the new blue

Chronicle starts newsroom blog

One of the very first goals I set when I came on board as the Web editor at the Chronicle was to start a newsroom blog to give readers a bit of an inside look at how the paper gets put out every day. Cut to the point: We now have one. Our new assistant… Continue reading Chronicle starts newsroom blog

Chronicle launches smartphone apps for Android and iPhone

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is pleased to announce the release of its new apps for iOS and Android devices, bringing the paper’s local news directly onto smartphones. The apps, which are free to download in the App Store and Android Market, serve up the latest news from the Chronicle’s free website, as well sports stories,… Continue reading Chronicle launches smartphone apps for Android and iPhone

Journalism nonprofit interviewing at the Chronicle today

Who needs newspapers? It’s the question of the day here at the Chronicle, where we are playing host to a video crew from the Who Needs Newspapers? project. The project, put together by a nonprofit called Valid Sources, seeks to interview the top brass and online people at one local newspaper in each state —… Continue reading Journalism nonprofit interviewing at the Chronicle today