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Meet the new blue

I’ve been a bit busy the past week or so, what with the new duties of city editor kicking in for me here at the paper, so posting on here has been sporadic. I hope to get my schedule tamed and resume regular posting soon, starting with this gem:

If you are a regular visitor to our website (and I do hope that you are), then you may have noticed a bit of a change to the look of our pages, specifically, the tops of our pages.

Oh, yes we did. We changed the blue.

The old blue, some derivative of navy, was the default header color on our website since it launched in March 2010. I’m not exactly sure where the color came from, though I believe it played a role in the design of our pre-March 2010 site. (Frankly, that was so long ago, it’s hard for me now to even remember the old site.) That’s probably why it wound up on the new site too.

No more. Now we are stylin’ with a sweet new blue, #29527a in hex code, if you’re interested. It matches our link color and a few other elements on the site, so it’s actually a style choice now, rather than a default.

And if you hadn’t noticed, we also changed the header color on another section’s worth of pages within the site. I’ll let you poke around and tell me which section’s header was changed to its own unique color. First one to post the answer in the comments gets a glorious prize — the imagined sound of me applauding you.

(Budgets are tight. You understand.)