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Third best in the state!

The Chronicle has the third-best website in the Montana Newspaper Association, if you believe the results of this past weekend’s awards ceremony in Lewistown. I also walked away with an honorable mention in the Best Web Project category for our Where They Stand election feature.

In all, the Chronicle won 34 awards, the details of which will run in the paper and online as soon as time and space permit. Not a bad showing.

Now back to me and the website. I think third place is great in a year when the Great Falls Tribune completely redid its website using a new content management system different from what all the other papers in the state are using, but don’t think that I am content with third. I would be much happier if, next year, we were on top… and then remained on top forever after. 🙂

That’s where you all come in, faithful readers. If you have ideas for improvements that we can make to the Chronicle site, interactive features you’d like us to create or features you’d like added that will make the site more useful to you during the course of your day, please, let me know. I mean it. Let me know.

I’m so serious about this, that I’m putting a contact form right here in this post.

See how serious I am. I really want suggestions and feature ideas. Really.


Here’s some inspiration for me (and for you, perhaps):