Celebrity excitement in the newsroom

A few of the staffers here in the newsroom are crazy about John Mayer, so when I typed “Bozeman” into the search box on social media tracking site Topsy today and these tweets turned up near the top, it elicited plenty of excitement. My friend Kristen with John Mayer & Katy Perry @ the Bozeman… Continue reading Celebrity excitement in the newsroom

Missoula robberies spark #UMlockdown hashtag

If you were following the state news at all yesterday on Twitter, then you probably already know about the hashtag #UMlockdown which manifested around the tense situation in Missoula on Thursday morning. A couple of businesses were robbed by an armed man who was then on the loose in the campus area. UM went into… Continue reading Missoula robberies spark #UMlockdown hashtag

Oregon city commissioner slams newspaper on official blog

A city commissioner in Portland, Ore., sparked something of an Internet firestorm this week with a pair of posts to his official city of Portland blog slamming the local newspaper, the Oregonian. In his original post, titled “Going Richard Sherman on the Oregonian,” Steve Novick says commissioners feel attacked by the newspaper’s “criticism and contempt.”… Continue reading Oregon city commissioner slams newspaper on official blog

Montana cities ranked in second-annual Lumosity “smartest cities” study

[A study released this week by Lumosity](http://asset1.lumosity.com/smartest-cities-2013/SmartestCities2013.pdf), a San Francisco-based maker of brain-training exercises, lists the “smartest” cities in America. The study tracks results from Lumosity exercises taken by roughly 3.4 million people ages 15 to 85. Exercises fall into categories testing the brain’s speed, attention, flexibility, memory and problem solving. The results were compiled… Continue reading Montana cities ranked in second-annual Lumosity “smartest cities” study

The quotable Brian Schweitzer

The website Roll Call published an entertaining interview with former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer today that’s making the rounds online. Judging by my past experience with Schweitzer on the handful of times I spoke with him, reporter Kyle Trygstad quoted the governor accurately. The whole interview is worth a read, but I thought I’d exerpt… Continue reading The quotable Brian Schweitzer

Fracking ban

A fun one from the Romenesko blog today: [The Stamford Advocate in Connecticut has banned the word “fracking” in its comment section](http://jimromenesko.com/2012/10/17/hearst-site-bans-the-word-fracking-in-comments/), citing how it’s often used as a replacement for certain versatile curse word that starts with an F. Upset is Sharon Wilson, a Texas advocate for people negatively affected by [hydraulic fracturing](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_fracturing), aka… Continue reading Fracking ban