Vancouver Sun: Android users apparently more slutty than iPhone users

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It’s not what I would call the most efficient use of a newspaper’s website, but the Vancouver Sun published the story anyhow.

It seems that, according to a survey conducted by Zoomerang for the dating website, users of Android phones “more likely to have sex on a first date and partake in one-night stands.”

According to the survey, which interviewed 1,068 Canadian singles between Oct. 13 and Oct. 15, 62 percent of single Android users reported having had sex on a first date. A further 55 percent had one-night stands.

That compares to 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of Blackberry users who reported having had sex on a first date.

After actually looking at the story, the headline “Android users more likely to have sex on first date: Survey” is grossly misleading. The survey doesn’t predict future behavior. It only reports past actions.

Frankly, I identify with the user Jeremia the Bullfrog who posted this comment on the story:

It is stupid that this is even in the “newspaper”. 1068 people does not provide a descent sample group. And a internet poll? come on you dont need to print every piece of cra p that comes down the wire!

But maybe that’s just me.

What’s been your experience with Android users? Are they sluttier than most?

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  1. This is a bit amusing. Sure it might not be completely accurate, but it says in the article what the statistics were based on.  It’s not completely misleading.  And sure, it wouldn’t be worth the space on an actual newspaper, but on a newspaper website, why not?  There’s plenty of space and people are always willing to read fluff pieces, as long as there’s a bit of real news thrown in as well.

    1.  Thanks for commenting. I don’t think my paper should necessarily include fluff pieces online like this, but the Vancouver Sun is more than welcome to put them up. (I do understand the temptation for such link-baiting headlines, though. I mean, who wouldn’t have clicked on that article to read it?)

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