Celebrity excitement in the newsroom

A few of the staffers here in the newsroom are crazy about John Mayer, so when I typed “Bozeman” into the search box on social media tracking site Topsy today and these tweets turned up near the top, it elicited plenty of excitement.

Yes, that’s John Mayer and Katy Perry at the Wal-Mart in Bozeman.

Celebrity sightings aren’t rare in Bozeman. A friend of mine who worked at Barnes & Noble often saw celebs in the store, and there are plenty of tales of the sightings in Paradise Valley, including the recent recap by the Montana Pioneer of Steve McQueen’s time there.

There’s no grand point to this post, other than to show how a couple of nine-day-old tweets can get the John Mayer fans in the newsroom bouncing off the walls.

Perhaps you have a celebrity counter story? Share in the comments.