Steve Strand, who has owned the Radio Shack in Hamilton, Mont. for seven years, poses in front of his store Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Strand said he is going to fight any effort to stop his sales promotion that allows customers with a clean record to get a free gun when they sign up for new Dish Network service. (AP Photo/Ravalli Republic, David Erickson)

You may have heard already, but the Radio Shack in Hamilton is offering a free gun to any qualifying customer who signs up for Dish Network service. “I think it really, really fits the Bitterroot Valley,” the store’s owner, Steve Strand, told the Rivalli Republic last week. “It’s been really successful.” Customers who qualify are […]

Copyright Symbols

A New York judge has denied final approval for a proposed settlement between Google and book publishers, saying that the agreement is not fair, adequate and reasonable. The settlement, referred to in the decision as the “Amended Settlement Agreement,” would have given money to rights-holders whose works Google has already digitized while allowing Google to […]

Be Right Back

It’s spring break week, which, as we reported today, means that the city of Bozeman becomes considerably quieter. People from all walks of life plan their vacations to coincide with break week, turning the city into a ghost town. And when I say people from all walks of life, that includes newspaper people too. We […]


Well, since everybody at the Montana Legislature discovered Twitter a couple weeks ago (even Republicans), the #mtleg hashtag has become rife with partisan tweets. So, reporter Emilie Ritter started a new press core-focused hashtag: #mtlegnews. [blackbirdpie url=”″] That tweet came through on Wednesday. Since then, the hashtag has seen slow adoption while its parent, #mtleg, […]


Last week, former NBC Nightly News anchorman Tom Brokaw was in town to accept an honorary doctorate from MSU, and he took the opportunity to speak with the editor of the ASMSU Exponent about the state and future of journalism.