Data: Montana has slowest Internet speed in the country

According to data from the last two years, collected by M-Lab, a joint effort of Google and the New America Foundation, Montana has the slowest average download speeds in the country — a measly 2.57 Mbps. The fastest was Delaware, with an average speed of 11.26 Mbps.

The graph below is a little hard to read, but when the timeline gets to the end, Montana’s on the bottom.

There’s a lot more data and ways to visualize it on the Google Public Data Explorer. Check it out.

Oh, and a question for the commenters: How’s your Internet speed in Montana? Bad, good, fair to middlin’?

5 Replies to “Data: Montana has slowest Internet speed in the country”

  1. Compared to my speeds in Alaska speed here is amazing. And I lived in Anchorage. Not exactly the bumblefucks. Our dsl which was more expensive than here was 30 kb a sec MAX.

    1. It would be a good idea for someone to add an average price for Internet
      service in the states to the data they’ve already collected about bandwidth
      and speed. Internet may be fast in some place, but the average price might
      be outrageous too.

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