Good grief. KBZK posted a story yesterday with the following headline: “Experts: childhood vaccines deemed safe.” Was this really news on July 1, 2014? Did we not know this one, simple thing before? Granted, there are anti-vaccination people out there who rely on junk science and exaggerated anecdotes to form their opinions about the safety of vaccines. […]


A couple days ago, a man named Panson De Oaks wrote to us on Facebook, linking to a video from the TV station WGN in Chicago. The video was a segment on vacation destinations — mostly high-end, expensive ones. Included was a vacation destination in Montana, Paws Up, a “glamping” destination in the Missoula area. […]

Lauren Maschmedt at work

One morning. I stayed off Twitter for a one morning, and this is what happens? Hilarious selfie video RT @LaurenNBCMT Did some court doc reading and note-taking (as you see in the video) on the plan that Kevin Briggs… — Ted Sullivan (@TedJSullivan) February 11, 2014 The Chronicle’s Assistant Managing Editor Ted Sullivan tweeted his […]

Cops and courts reporter Whitney Bermes pointed out this interesting disappearing-story mystery today. Whitney received a phone call today from VOICE Center Director Alanna Sherstad and Assistant Managing Editor Ted Sullivan got one from Bozeman police Chief Ron Price. Both callers wanted to talk about a story detailing the affidavit for Kevin A. Briggs. Briggs […]

It all started, as so many things do these days, with a tweet. This morning I went undercover on a school bus in Gallatin County. Why? Find out on the ABC Montana News at 5:30… — Cody Butler (@CodyABCFOXMT) January 16, 2014 The post comes from Cody Butler, a reporter at our local ABC/Fox […]

I’m talking local journalism ethics again today, and once again the discussion is prompted by an NBC Montana reporter. And, once again, that reporter is Lauren Maschmedt. This time, it was [Maschmedt’s report]( on a local meeting of the Bozeman Business and Professional Women and its honors program, which gives awards to outstanding women. Guess […]

**Update:** Since originally publishing this post, another link has surfaced to [the full report](, written by Maschmedt herself. Apparently the Will Wadley story was only a brief waiting for the full report. Indeed, the link to the Wadley verison now takes you to Maschmedt’s story. And what do we learn in the full story? Contrary […]

I wrote Wednesday about a social networking issue: [Should journalists quote from sources’ social media profiles?]( I had a few more thoughts to share that didn’t quite fit into that post, so I thought I’d file a kind of disjointed follow-up. ###The Heinous Crime Provision First of all, media organizations already quote regularly from personal […]