Roundup for July 11

The Kremlin has ordered nearly $15,000 worth of typewriters to type top secret documents because they don’t trust the security of computers. Just who gets protected by schools’ cyberbullying policies? A case can be made that they protect the administration and stifle students’ free speech. The Wall Street Journal thought a clearly marked parody Twitter… Continue reading Roundup for July 11

Verizon stores to carry iPads starting Oct. 28

Image via Wikipedia Verizon stores will begin selling the iPad on Oct. 28, according to a press release on Apple’s website. Verizon will only sell the wi-fi version of the iPad, not the 3G model that currently has service exclusively through AT&T. The Verizon-sold iPads will be offered in three different bundles with Verizon MiFi… Continue reading Verizon stores to carry iPads starting Oct. 28