Missoula robberies spark #UMlockdown hashtag

If you were following the state news at all yesterday on Twitter, then you probably already know about the hashtag #UMlockdown which manifested around the tense situation in Missoula on Thursday morning. A couple of businesses were robbed by an armed man who was then on the loose in the campus area. UM went into… Continue reading Missoula robberies spark #UMlockdown hashtag

‘No means no’ gaffe generates controversy for Bobcat boosters

Something cringe-worthy happened this weekend, but I’m not precisely sure what it was. I do know that Dean Folkvord, owner of Wheat Montana, felt so badly about it that he posted a public apology on his company’s Facebook page. What I have managed to ascertain so far is that Folkvord and Larry Aasheim put together… Continue reading ‘No means no’ gaffe generates controversy for Bobcat boosters

Bashing Kyle Sample

In this morning’s Game Day section, the Chronicle’s new sports writer, Kyle Sample, went and did some unpopular things. Not only did Sample pick the Grizzlies to win today’s ’Cat-Griz matchup but he also identified himself as a Griz fan. Given the always-heated nature of the ’Cat-Griz rivalry, these two things were sure to rankle… Continue reading Bashing Kyle Sample