Bridger Creek letter

For the past two days, the newsroom has been talking about the lawsuit threatened by residents in the Bridger Creek subdivision, which is located next to the old city landfill. The claimants — seven people so far — want the city to pay each of their four households around $3 million to compensate them for […]

A settlement in a federal lawsuit in Ohio means two websites can no longer charge people to remove mugshots from the sites, according to the Associated Press. Not all mugshot sites are bound by the settlement. Only and were named in the suit. The AP reports that a number of states have similar […]

As a company, we found out just a few days before the rest of the state did that the Chronicle would be dropping its Monday print edition. It’s a bad situation and a severe prick to our pride as a daily newspaper — one made worse by the fact that a press breakdown delayed Sunday’s […]

I was somewhat disappointed that the paper covered the announcement from the Westboro Baptist Church that its members plan to picket at Bozeman High School and Montana State University in early September. After all, the church’s members have promised to show up here before and have consistently failed to do so. The likelihood that anyone […]

On Sunday, the front page of the print edition was caught in one of its own limitations. News of Edward Snowden’s departure from Hong Kong broke overnight in the U.S., too late for physical newspapers like ours to catch the news — you know, because there comes a time we actually have to declare the […]

It’s been a while since the last update on this blog that had anything to do with what I’m working on at the BDC, so here’s the big update. Business Journal editor Jason Bacaj, in this month’s issue [(pageflip-style)](, [analyzed restaurant inspection forms]( for the past year and a half from the Gallatin City-County Health […]


If you are a Twitter user in Bozeman, there is a good chance you have followed an account called [@bznpolicereport]( The account posts the infamous Bozeman police reports. Its description: “Funny police reports from Bozeman, Montana. If you like these, take a look at the book” and then provides the URL for [the page to […]