The worthlessness of “digging deeper”

One morning. I stayed off Twitter for a one morning, and this is what happens? Hilarious selfie video RT @LaurenNBCMT Did some court doc reading and note-taking (as you see in the video) on the plan that Kevin Briggs… — Ted Sullivan (@TedJSullivan) February 11, 2014 The Chronicle’s Assistant Managing Editor Ted Sullivan tweeted his… Continue reading The worthlessness of “digging deeper”

More NBC Montana ethics issues

I’m talking local journalism ethics again today, and once again the discussion is prompted by an NBC Montana reporter. And, once again, that reporter is Lauren Maschmedt. This time, it was [Maschmedt’s report]( on a local meeting of the Bozeman Business and Professional Women and its honors program, which gives awards to outstanding women. Guess… Continue reading More NBC Montana ethics issues

NBC Montana reporter inserted into chain of evidence

**Update:** Since originally publishing this post, another link has surfaced to [the full report](, written by Maschmedt herself. Apparently the Will Wadley story was only a brief waiting for the full report. Indeed, the link to the Wadley verison now takes you to Maschmedt’s story. And what do we learn in the full story? Contrary… Continue reading NBC Montana reporter inserted into chain of evidence