Roundup for July 11

The Kremlin has ordered nearly $15,000 worth of typewriters to type top secret documents because they don’t trust the security of computers. Just who gets protected by schools’ cyberbullying policies? A case can be made that they protect the administration and stifle students’ free speech. The Wall Street Journal thought a clearly marked parody Twitter… Continue reading Roundup for July 11

Roundup for July 3

Catching up from yesterday, which was so busy I didn’t have time to actually read anything other that product documentation (again). Here are a few links from this morning. Montana State University has warned more than 4,500 people of a computer security lapse. “If you compare the women’s magazines of today with their counterparts of… Continue reading Roundup for July 3

Hacking the Legislature

Reporter John S. Adams took world-renowned computer security expert Brad Smith into the capitol in Helena and demonstrated — using a covert Bluetooth antenna and a cheap netbook — that many Bluetooth-enabled devices at the legislature are not secure.