The Montana Department of Labor and Industry announced Monday the launch of its new department Web page at In a written statement, the department said the new site will “improve functionality and customer service for Montana workers, employers, contractors and taxpayers.” The site was designed and built in-house and is responsive. The redesign is […]

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while since my last post here, but with the holidays and my rediscovery of a certain video game that rhymes with “myrim,” it’s been a busy two months. But now it’s a new year and I hope to move forward with a new dedication to regular posting here […]

In my view, Google Books provides significant public benefits. It advances the progress of the arts and sciences,while maintaining respectful consideration for the rights of authors and other creative individuals, and without adversely impacting the rights of copyright holders. It has become an invaluable research tool that permits students, teachers,librarians, and others to more efficiently […]

I learned about Twitter’s new custom timelines feature when I logged in to Tweetdeck this morning. I have to admit, like this user, I immediately thought of Storify. Twitter introduce custom timelines: The begining of a serious threat to @Storify link via @jamesbush #mchi — Documentally (@Documentally) November 12, 2013 After all, custom timelines […]

I stumbled upon this old page on CNN’s site today while searching for something in Google. The interesting thing is, despite the template being very similar to the one I remember being on the site on 9/11, it’s got live breaking news on it. That’s right, the underlying architecture of CNN’s breaking news in its […]

I was delighted to see this tweet come through my timeline today. Vannevar Bush's Memex, as imagined by Life Magazine after they syndicated our 1945 story: — Alexis C. Madrigal (@alexismadrigal) July 5, 2013 As the description says, this is a hypothetical drawing of Vanvevar Bush’s memex device, one of the first hypertext machines […]

A quick one-off post today: Did you know that Bozeman entrepreneur extraordinaire Greg Gianforte has had claim to the domain “” since 1995? Registry records show the site is registered to Bozeman Technology Incubator Inc., a company run by Gianforte to mentor Montana entrepreneurs. The administrative contact on the domain is a Thomas Jinneman at […]

Montana’s attorney general has joined with his counterparts in 39 other states and territories to demand the Federal Trade Commission do something about mobile cramming. Cramming, you might recall, is the practice of adding third-party charges — often unauthorized — onto a person’s phone bill. People who discover the charges on their bills rarely get […]