“Today I have on my desk a smartphone, a tablet, and a Mac computer. To move data between them, today the request goes all the way to the cloud—God knows where that is—so it can come back here to another device that is two feet away,” says Lixia Zhang, a computer scientist at the University […]


You learn something new every day. For example, quite by accident, I learned last night that when you are going through loads of something looking for information you are actually “poring” through that stuff. That’s right, you’re not “pouring” over it or “pouring” through it. So stop typing it that way. (I shall endeavor to […]

It was my birthday this week, and I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself the big gift I have been pondering for months: a new laptop. Each time I get a new primary machine, it begins an adventure. How much of your old stuff do you really need to move over to the new […]

I post this because not because it has any strict pertinence to the subject of this blog or to the content the Chronicle produces. Rather, this is the side of the state I’m from, and there hasn’t been flooding like this in years. Also, despite the disastrous subject matter, the 1 p.m. update has a […]

Be Right Back

It’s spring break week, which, as we reported today, means that the city of Bozeman becomes considerably quieter. People from all walks of life plan their vacations to coincide with break week, turning the city into a ghost town. And when I say people from all walks of life, that includes newspaper people too. We […]

I’ve been gone from this blog for quite a while, but it was for a good reason (pictured at right). Anyhow, I think normal posting should resume now that the new year has started, and I will endeavor to continue my pre-New Year’s resolution about blogging each and every day. Of course, this counts as […]