A story is making the rounds on the social Web this morning about a Bozeman-based animal-handling company and a bar in Virginia City. According to Judy Slate of KBZK, Animals of Montana brought a wolf into the Pioneer Bar at the request of a photographer for a shoot. However, the company didn’t have the right permits, […]

Ed Kemmick hits the nail on the head this morning with his post on the direction Lee Enterprises seems to be going online: At the same time they are cutting back on staff and by extension drastically reducing traditional newspaper reporting, they are attempting to increase their online presence—in other words, to get more clicks—by constantly […]

A lot of pixels have already been spilled in the past week about the closing of the Lee Enterprises state bureau in Helena and the departure of longtime reporters Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison, but I’m going to chip in too, mostly because I feel that their apotheosis has gone far enough. Were Johnson and […]

More and more often I read about news websites shutting down their commenting sections. Just today it was TheWeek.com, whose explanation cited this gem of a reason for getting rid of news site comments: And so today, the smartest, most thoughtful, and most spirited conversations are being driven not by pseudonymous avatars in the comments […]

Two statements reported in a television news story about the investigation into Belgrade High School principal Paul Lamb have raised the hackles of journalists across the Gallatin Valley. A report on KBZK on the evening of Oct. 6 by reporter Brooke Boone told readers that police in Belgrade have completed their investigation into allegation of […]

Good grief. KBZK posted a story yesterday with the following headline: “Experts: childhood vaccines deemed safe.” Was this really news on July 1, 2014? Did we not know this one, simple thing before? Granted, there are anti-vaccination people out there who rely on junk science and exaggerated anecdotes to form their opinions about the safety of vaccines. […]

Chronicle crime reporter Whitney Bermes got into a discussion this morning with Missoulian crime reporter Kathryn Haake over documents with stories online. Particularly, Bermes was surprised that the Missoulian published the ticket along with the affidavit in the case of a 46-year-old Butte man accused of driving drunk the wrong way for 20 miles on […]