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Montana felon database now updated in real-time

The Montana Department of Corrections has updated its database of felons with an emphasis on real-time data.

According to a press release, the Correctional Offender Network website used to be updated only once a week. Now it will be updated throughout the day, corrections department director Mike Batista said in a written statement Monday.

The site is also dumping the records of felons who have completed their sentences and who have not returned to the state corrections system for three years.

This change comes from the department’s efforts to help those who have served their time successfully reintegrate with their communities. Sexual or violent offenders are exempt from this change; their records will remain on the site indefinitely.

The free website lets users search out information on any adults convicted of felonies in Montana. Offender records include things like photos, aliases and descriptions of scars and tattoos.

Formerly, users could pay a fee to download a copy of the entire database as a file. Users can now subscribe and, for a monthly fee, download an updated copy of the database any time they wish.

Batista also noted that the site has adopted a mobile-friendly design to accommodate users on smartphones and tablets.