Roundup for June 27

I’m going to try to post updates every weekday afternoon from now on with short bits about links or articles I’ve found throughout the day. Here’s the first edition.

* An overreaching cease and desist letter from a New Jersey township’s attorney was met with a satirical response from the defendant’s attorney, which went viral. [Here’s the aftermath from the town’s council meeting]( Read the viral response [here](
* A member of the Federal Trade Commission has [come up with an initiative]( to make an it easier for people to find out what data big companies have collected about them and to correct errors in it.
* Carl Sessions Stepp at the American Journalism Review has published part four in a series of advice for journalists. His main gist: [Reporters need to spend more time away from phone and email interviews](
* Roxane Gay says she likes social media for breaking news because [it does things traditional journalism doesn’t](, like wait for information to be verified.