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Missoula studying broadband options for businesses

Catching up on some late news: [The Missoulian reports]( that Missoula’s city council is spending about $13,000 on a study to find options to improve broadband speed and accessibility for the city’s businesses.

The money will be paired with money from Missoula County commissioners to nab a matching federal grant, which comes from Title I funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Meanwhile, the Ronan Telephone Company has been pushing out faster Internet connections to help the oil field operations in the eastern half of the state, and some of that speed is making its way to Missoula, [KPAX reports](

The TV station says the telecom has built a giant router connected via fiber to Seattle: a [gigapop](, that’s helping several companies in the city send huge files at tremendous speeds.

Residental customers, however, will have to wait in line. KPAX reports the superfast broadband is primarily for businesses for the time being.