Knoxville paper halts presidential endorsements

On the heels of [my]( [posts]( about newspapers endorsing candidates, another newspaper has announced that it will stop endorsing candidates for president.

The Knoxville News Sentinel’s Jack McElroy announced Oct. 14 that [the paper will not endorse a presidential candidate]( — the first time in its history it hasn’t done so.

McElroy’s rationale:

>Citizens can find plenty of opinions about the presidential candidates to weigh against their own, and there is no shortage of community dialogue — far from it.
>The News Sentinel also has no special access to the candidates, and, in this age of global Internet and 24-hour news, we have no sources of information that every other citizens does not have as well.

The paper is still endorsing local candidates.

By Michael Becker

Michael Becker is the Web Editor of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. He has been a blogger and professional journalist since 2005, covering subjects ranging from nonprofits and crime to engineering and technology.