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Reaction to Tester endorsement

An email received by the Chronicle on Sunday morning:

>Does this mean every single employee of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle endorses Tester?
>Please sign your real names to your “endorsement” and don’t try to push the agenda of a few liberal editors onto the Bozeman public. The employees of your organization can’t possibly stand united in your endorsement of Tester.
>I want to see the names of those endorsing Tester if you are going to publish something like this in the future, instead of claiming your entire organization stands behind and endorses him.
>By the way, your paper this morning (Sunday, Oct 14th) is full of blatant democratic bias throughout. I am very disappointed in the Chronicle as I have watched it slip farther and farther left in its reporting and become more in tune with a socialist agenda than bias free reporting over the past several years.

I guess the letter writer didn’t read my blog post about the separation between the newsroom and the editorial board. I guess the letter writer also didn’t disagree that strongly with the paper’s other endorsements because I didn’t see any similar emails on those two occasions.

To answer the questions:

1. No, not every single employee supports Tester. The editorial board did, however, by a vote.
2. The “real names” behind the endorsement are printed at the top of the opinion page every day. They are the members of the editorial board.
3. I’m sorry you feel the Sunday paper was biased.

That’s about all I’ve got today.