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Bozeman hosting conference for Web types: BigSkyDevCon

BigSkyDevCon logo

BigSkyDevCon logoHere’s a new thing to add to your list of things you must do this weekend — right alongside attending the Sweet Pea and S.L.A.M. festivals: Go and sit in windowless rooms at MSU with a bunch of computer programmers.

OK, that makes it sound far worse than it will be. Bozeman is actually hosting BigSkyDevCon, a conference for software developers, Web designers and tech business leaders. The Chronicle’s article is [here](, you can get all the event details you want there, or you can visit the conference’s website at [](

The organizers, Rob Irizarry and Rob Lund, are members of Bozeman’s [Montana Programmers]( group. The statewide group boasts more than 400 members who have held more than 150 meetings. It’s biggest chapters are in Bozeman, Helena, Kalispell and Missoula.

Follow the conference on Twitter at [@bigskydevcon]( and [on Facebook](