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Chronicle’s website named best in Montana by MNA

The Chronicle’s website won first place in Division IV at the Montana Newspaper Association’s annual awards banquet in Big Sky this weekend.

Division IV includes all newspapers with a circulation of 7,500, such as the Billings Gazette, Helena Independent-Record, Missoulian, Montana Standard and Great Falls Tribune.

This makes me happy.

Of course, now I have to really kick it up a few notches to earn the title again next year. Lee Enterprises rolled out a fantastic new template on the Gazette and is in the process of rolling it out to its other sites in Montana. This means I have to do something drastic to improve the quality and speed of our site to keep up.

Don’t worry. I have plans in motion already.

(And no, IE6 and IE7 are not supported by my plans.)

[For a full list of the Chronicle’s 30 winners, see our story here.](