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The ubiquitous keyword

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Allie Buck.

Allie Buck, a twentysomething artist and mother. In 2010, she had been volunteering as a docent for about four years at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture in Bozeman.

Reporter Jodi Hausen interviewed Buck for Christmas season story about volunteering in the Gallatin Valley. As a docent, Buck was taking children on gallery tours and teaching art classes for kids. She also helped out in the center’s ceramics studio.

You can read all about Buck in our Dec. 19, 2010, story [here](

Why do I mention Buck on this particular blog? It’s because “Allie Buck” is a part of every single story uploaded to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s website. Every one.

You see, the software that runs our website allows us to enter keywords for each story. When you begin to type in a keyword, the software automatically suggests an existing keyword, and since December 2010, the first suggestion, no matter what you are typing, is “Allie Buck.”

“Allie Buck” is not alphabetically first in our list of tags, not by a long shot, but it comes in as the first suggestion anyhow. And here’s the fun part: No matter what you are typing when the “Allie Buck” suggestion comes up, if you hit enter to put in the tag, the software ignores what you have typed and inserts “Allie Buck.”

You can avoid this occurrance by waiting a few precious seconds for the auto-complete cache to empty — or whatever its doing, but most of the time people entering stories on the website forget. Inevitably, we find ourselves deleting “Allie Buck” tags off our stories.

(Yes, I could report this as a bug to the software people, but it’s just another support ticket I haven’t gotten around to filling out yet.)

I don’t know where Allie Buck is today or what she’s up to, but she has certainly had an impact on the way things are done here at the Chronicle every single day.