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‘Uncommon Bond’ a new standard of quality for Chronicle video

In case you missed it over the weekend, here is a video by Chronicle photographer Mike Greener. It accompanied a story by Amanda Ricker in Saturday’s paper about a donkey and gander on a farm in south Bozeman who have become friends since the gander’s mate was killed a few weeks ago.

Greener spent quite a lot of time — by our past standards — shooting footage, recording and tweaking his audio and then fine-tuning the whole project in Final Cut. I think the result is leaps and bounds beyond what we have done in the past in terms of complexity and quality.

(And of course, by the things we have done in the past, I mean the videos I have produced in the past, since I have been the one producing videos so far. Did I mention I have no formal training as a photographer, filmmaker or video editor?)

I look forward to seeing the other projects Mr. Greener turns out, and his accomplice, Chronicle photographer Nick Wolcott. They’re both on the verge of getting some neat new video equipment, so it should be good. By the way, if you’d like to see more projects Greener did before coming to the Chronicle, be sure to check out his blog.