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Billings tea party leader calls for a boycott of all media

Fair & Balanced graphic used in 2005
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I don’t recall ever writing about the tea party on this blog before, but then again, the tea party has never done anything particularly interesting from a technology or media industry point of view.

Until now, that is.

The Montana Cowgirl Blog, a left-leaning Montana politics blog, reported a few days ago that an email newsletter sent from Montana Shrugged, a Billings tea party group, called news media “complicit in the destruction of America.”

In the email, which is posted in its entirety to the Cowgirl blog, Montana Shrugged leader Eric Olsen writes:

I have challenged all news agencies in Billings as well as others across the State to report fair and balanced news.  They refuse. They show their ignorance and their political bent by supporting the likes of Occupy Wallstreet and their totally misguided mission statements.  They ignore the one and only grassroots movement that has come along in the past 100 years that supports Constitutional and fiscally sound issues.  Issues that are so critical to our survival as the greatest country on earth.  What are they thinking?  Oh, they are not.  I forgot that they too are completely controlled by the liberal elitists such as George Soros.

Obama is playing his fiddle while America burns and they pull the wool over their reader’s eyes.  They are complicit in the destruction of America.  We should cancel our subscriptions.  We should not purchase from their advertisers.  We should do a mass email campaign against all of them.  We have the power to make real change happen. Unified, as one of the largest tea party groups in America, we can make that change start right here in Yellowstone County, Montana.

Olsen goes on to say that his group’s news show, “The Patriot Chronicles,” is “fair and balanced. We report you decide, just like Fox News but without their political bias”(episodes available on YouTube from this user).

The Cowgirl blogger points out that this “fair and balanced” paragraph is followed in the newsletter by a notice about a Republican fundraiser in Billings this March. It’s hard to say, seeing only the email pasted into a blog post, but it looks as if that part about the fundraiser was an advertisement added to the bottom of the newsletter.

At any rate, that’s enough politics for me for one day. I’m going to go back to wait for my daily phone calls from George Soros and the Obama administration.