Tornado spotted near Columbus and Laurel

Update: A tornado was spotted 8 miles away from the two-town area where my parents live tonight at 9:40. My parents were fine at 10:10, though they had no power.

Stormchasers are tracking the storm from Custer. You can watch their feed live online here. As of 10:30, the stormchasers were ahead of the storm. The video is fantastic.

Radar image of Billings area from about 8:45 p.m. on June 6
Radar image of Billings area from about 8:45 p.m. on June 6

As I write this, Yellowstone County is under a tornado warning after radar images indicated a tornado 9 miles northwest of Laurel, moving east at 20 miles per hour.

Link (not sure how long this will be good for)

I note this because my parents live along a rough line east of that area, albeit about 40 miles further down the valley. Still, the air is alive in the south-central part of Montana tonight.

Good luck tonight to all those in the watch and warning areas.

On the same subject, here’s something neat and horrifying about the Massachusetts tornado last week: a satellite image of the scar the storm scoured into the countryside.

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