Bozeman makers unite

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I saw this link posted to Twitter today, and it intrigued me. Bozeman now has its own makerspace, the aptly named Bozeman Makerspace. What’s a makerspace, you ask?

I had to ask too. Apart from knowing a little bit about Cory Doctorow’s book (which I haven’t read yet), I had only seen scattered Boing Boing and blog posts about makers. Wikipedia told me that a makerspace — a.k.a. a “hacklab” or “hackspace” — is a place where people with common interests get together to meet and collaborate.

In other words, it’s an open club.

More specifically:

A hackerspace can be viewed as an open community labs incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops and/or studios where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things.

The site says the Bozeman Makerspace is a place for people to share their interest in modding things, new technology and general gadget/gizmo/inner workings fascination. Judging from the group’s page on Meetup, they recently met at the Homepage Cafe.

The group is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you attended a meetup? Do you plan to? What was it like, or why do you plan to go?

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