Cablevision sends letters to Bresnan customers

I’m a Bresnan customer at home. There, there’s your disclosure for this post.

That said, I got a letter in the mail yesterday from Cablevision, which recently bought Bresnan. The letter promised me that the level of customer service I am accustomed to will continue, blah, blah. More interestingly, the company said my Internet speed will double in the next few months.

I am leery of this claim, but I hope it’s true, and I hope it won’t cost me any more money. I’m writing this on the iPad, so I’ll come back and supplement this post with the actual letter later and look into Cablevision’s promises a bit.

In the meantime, did you receive a similar letter? What do you hope for in the transition to Cablevision?

9 Replies to “Cablevision sends letters to Bresnan customers”

  1. Michael, with any company in the pay TV industry the prices and availability of programming are subject to change at any time. Hopefully your right and they won’t change anything and just give you faster internet. I work for Dish Network and I also subscribe to the service I expect a lot from service that I pay for. There are a few areas where Cablevision does lack like when it comes to sports and HD. Dish Network is offering HD Free for life for qualifying customers and carries NFL Network, and NFL RedZone. Not to mention Dish has the lowest all-digital prices nationwide, available every day. I hope the transition goes smooth and you don’t encounter any problems.

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