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Chronicle looking for readers’ help to prepare for paper’s centennial

Beginning in January, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle will celebrate its centennial, and the newspaper is looking to readers to help mark the occasion.

Throughout 2011, the Chronicle will publish special stories, videos and online features looking back at the paper’s 100-year history. Special events and promotions are also planned.

In preparation, the Chronicle seeks your help with two projects. The first is a series of stories called “Newsmakers.” The second involves piecing together the community’s history through old newspaper clippings.

For the Newsmakers project, Chronicle reporters will profile the 100 most important local and regional figures over the past 100 years. The newsroom is drafting of people who made headlines in Bozeman and requests readers’ suggestions for who should be on that list.

To suggest a name for the Newsmakers list, please write to or send a note to the Chronicle, attn. Michael Becker, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, P.O. Box 1190, Bozeman, MT 59771.

Please, include the name of the Newsmaker, why you think that person belongs on the list and your own contact information.

The second special feature planned for the centennial involves old newspaper articles or announcements that readers clipped out for personal or sentimental reasons. The Chronicle intends to collect those clippings and the stories behind them for display on our website.

If you have a clipping and a story you’d like to share, please write to the e-mail address listed above. The Chronicle will work with you to create a digital version of the clip to publish online during the centennial year.

And please, if you have other ideas about centennial stories for the Chronicle, don’t hesitate to contact the newsroom.