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We’ve launched the new Bobcat blog, for all your MSU sports needs

We flipped the switch yesterday and officially turned on the Chronicle’s new Blue & Gold blog, or, as we call it in the office, the Bobcat blog.

Written chiefly by Chronicle sports writers Will C. Holden and Gidal Kaiser, the Bobcat blog is reputed to be one of the best blogs covering a sports program in the Big Sky Conference.

The blog had been running at its old URL since 2008. Unfortunately, it had also been running on basically the same version of WordPress that was first installed back in 2008. Limitations on the old server made it impossible to upgrade WordPress further.

So we moved it to a different server, and now it’s running a shiny new copy of WordPress 3.x (which we intend to keep fully up to date, mind you).

Apart from the back-end changes, you’ll see a few other additions to the site, such as Facebook and Twitter integration and a long-overdue sharing widget. Plus, it’s a much more modular design, meaning that we can drop in new widgets and gizmos and Web apps as they become available.

The new blog also incorporates the Chronicle’s video platform of choice, VMIX. We’ve been using VMIX since March, but until now, the Bobcat blog was using YouTube. No more! All our videos will now be kept in one centralized place. Hooray!

Anyway, apart from a few “first day jitters,” such as our Web host inexplicably blocking .wma files from playing, we are up and running. Stop by and check it out!