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Don’t have an Apple laptop? You can still have an Apple trackpad

I want this.

Call me an early adopter. Call me a fanboy. Count the number of Apple products in my home already and see if I care.

This is undeniably cool.

Now, Apple didn’t think up this idea. Trackpads have been part of laptops for many years, and desktop versions have been available too, in many sizes and with many different uses in mind, such as Wacom tablets.

Yet many of these early or other (read “non-Apple”) trackpads have sucked, writes Devin Coldewey at CrunchGear.

It seems obvious. The trackpad is, after the keyboard, the object you interact with the most on any laptop. Wouldn’t laptop makers want this object to be largest, most responsive, most versatile thing they can make it? Yet on every PC laptop I review or test out, the trackpad is small, poorly placed, unresponsive, or all three.

Apple trackpads, though, seem to get consistently cooler, especially since the company started making them all multi-touch.

Anyhow, there’s no other point to this post than to express my awe at yet another Apple gadget I want to see sitting on my desktop. My birthday’s in September, people.

Edit – Also, if you’re feeling generous… (I’m partial to the tricked-out 27-inch model)