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Bozeman-based Schedulicity ranked on HuffPo innovators list

The Bozeman-based company Schedulicity has been accorded a spot in the latest version of the Huffington Post’s Innovators Series, which shows off “interesting and promising” startups suggested by HuffPo readers.

SchedulicitySchedulicity was founded in 2004 in Bozeman, and its service launched last year. It seeks to make things like booking an appointment at the hair salon easier by allowing customers to do it all online. The company’s CEO, Jerry Nettuno, says he sees his company “becoming the Expedia or Travelocity of the service industry.”

If you want to hear the company explain it in its own words, check out the video below.

You can vote for the various companies included in the Innovators Series at the Huffington Post’s website.

(The YouTube embed doesn’t seem to be working in my browser, so I’ve included a link directly to the video on YouTube.)